Danish Deaf Association (DDL) proudly nominates Kasper Bergmann for the WFD Vice President, because we believe that his commitment to deaf issues at an international level will be a valuable asset for the WFD and the deaf communities all over the world. Furthermore he represents a new generation of strong deaf leaders, which he has proven in the past four years as WFD Board Member.

Lars Knudsen

President, Danish Deaf Association

Who am I?

I am a development economist (M.Sc.) and expert in financial management. My experiences as WFD Board Member in the past four years, Development Projects Manager of Danish Deaf Association (DDL), Accountant for European Deaf Sports Organisation (EDSO), and my work with several projects in the developing countries for WFD, DDL, and Finnish Association of the Deaf will be a valuable contribution to the work of WFD. Also I have a lot of experience with advocacy work for deaf people’s human rights at national and international level. I believe that strong deaf associations make a strong WFD.

My achievements

  • Establishment of the WFD Regional Secretariat in the Western and Central Africa (WCARS)
  • Recognition of Danish Sign Language by the Danish Government and Parliament
  • The UN CRPD Committee recognized that deaf children with CI have a right to Sign Language

I will work for

  • WFD becomes more strong through fundraising and financial management
  • The OMs become more strong through projects and capacity building
  • Protecting deaf peoples’ human rights through the UN CRPD and the OMs

More information

You can have a look at my CV for more information about my background and experiences.

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